5 Interview Hacks That Never Fail

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These are the 5 job interview hacks that will impress your hiring manager.

What is all the fuss about EQ? Basically, it is our ability to understand our own feelings and reactions as well as those of our coworkers. Just think that we have to deal with over 400 emotional experiences every day. How do we deal with them? How do you cope with your colleagues’ emotional baggage?

Did you know that a lack of EQ skills is usually the reason my almost a quarter (23%) of new hires fail? These are not just people skills. There is a lot more going on!

Controlling your emotions is an essential skill for any employee at any level.

Watch this fascinating video about how emotions work in the brain and how we can harness them for improving relationships in the workplace.

Here are some typical questions interviewers will ask you to see what your EQ is like.

• Who is an inspiring figure for you and why?

• How aware are you of your weak points and what have you done to improve them?

• How do you deal with failure?

• Give us an example of how effectively you have used your IQ and EQ in making a decision.

• Do you think optimism in the workplace is important and why?

• Are your people skills perfect? If not, what are you doing to improve them?

• Talk about a disagreement or conflict you had in the workplace.

Whatever company or position you are applying for, it is essential to do some research beforehand so you know as much as possible about the company.

• Study the company website

• Follow them on social media. Familiarize yourself with their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. Try stalking them!

• Get familiar with their policies, projects, mission statements and latest news.

• Sign up for a Google alert with the company’s name or product or issue and these will arrive in your mailbox. A great way of keeping up to date with what the company is going through.

Then probe deeper and find out more about the company and their ratings, salaries, etc. A great site to help you do this is Glassdoor.

The classic one here is when you say you are results-oriented! It is much better to give specific examples of your results. What were they? What did you achieve exactly? Give facts and figures. Here are some examples to get your results juices flowing:-

• Managed the opening of 3 new branches which maximized revenue by $50k in twelve months

• Planned and implemented new guidelines for customer care for the front of house staff. This resulted in an increase of 30% in customer satisfaction over a six-month period.

• Met my sales target of $20k for the first quarter of 2019.

This one is closely related to your EQ skills. Always mention that you prefer face-to-face interaction whenever it is possible.

No use in saying you are a people person — we all are! Give some real-life examples which sound convincing and which really show that you have these skills. Here are a few good examples:-

Talk about how you actually listen to team members /colleagues.

Explain how you motivate colleagues and especially team members.

Talk about praising members and how to use this to move forward to achieve the next goal.

Talk about how you built a team when it was necessary for a project:-

How you established your leadership for reporting back and monitoring

How you allocated tasks to deal with challenging deadlines

How you are open to suggestions and possible obstacles

Talk about how you are able to mediate when there is a conflict or disagreement.

Finally, have a good laugh when you watch this video on resume tips and how to deal with the interview. You will be astonished at what dumb techniques some people are using in job-hunting and at interviews.

You now know that you are way ahead of the pack!

Just in case you are a bit nervous at the interview, read about some useful tips here

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