Body Language

We are relying too much on body language

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Have you seen those crazy videos? The ones that decode people’s body language while they are being interviewed. The experts call it the science of body language.

Yes, of course, we all express fear, anger, and laughter by using facial expressions and other body movements. But these experts have gone way further and tied the body language to what we actually say and how we say it. This is supposed to reveal what we are really saying and thinking!

Have a look at the full list here of body gestures from nodding your head to flickering your eyelashes. …

Learning disability

Dyslexia is often neglected and stigmatized

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There are many myths and legends about dyslexia. You sometimes hear that kids just need to try harder at reading or that the main problem is that they reverse letters so that “b” becomes “d” and so on. In reality, only about 10% of kids with dyslexia have the problem of reversed letters.

These half-truths are just part of the story! This is why we need to set the record straight in order to help our loved ones. As usual, there is a certain stigma attached to the ‘dyslexic’ label and this does not help, either.

Basically, dyslexia is just…


Parents have to think about this very carefully.

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I always thought that homeschooling was not the ideal way to educate a child. I reflected on the training of teachers and social interaction with other children. How do kids learn how to cope with social dynamics, playing, witnessing, or coping with bullying, just to name a few? What about friendship, solidarity, and emotional maturity?

I have to confess that when I started to get rid of my bias and look at it more objectively, I was surprised. I would still send my kids to school but there are several good reasons why homeschooling is beneficial. …

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It seems that teachers and parents are more worried about the sexual harassment of teens than the teenagers themselves. They are right to be worried as I will try to explain in this article.

The sad fact, revealed in an Ofsted report in the UK shows that the whole sexual harassment scenario is such a normal part of kids’ daily existence and routine that they just shrug their shoulders. It is so “normal” that they are surprised that educators, and parents are even talking about it!

It all started with Everyone’s Invited which asked teens to post examples of sexual…


Why are managers performing so badly?

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I always expected my boss or manager to be an inspiring leader. Maybe I was expecting too much. In many cases, they left me wondering how on earth they had got where they were. There were a few glorious exceptions, thankfully. These were the tough leaders who led by example and that itself was always an inspiration for me. They also displayed resilience and I admired their character.

1. They have no problems in setting a great example.

One manager refused to share his teacher training materials with us so we never felt really a part of the team. …


How soon will an app be available?

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While watching an Italian TV talk show last night, I listened to a biologist and journalist, Barbara Gallavotti, who was being interviewed. She spoke about how researchers at MIT were developing an app that could tell whether a person was an asymptomatic COVID-19 case or whether they were free of the virus simply by analyzing the sound of their coughs. Her initial reaction was that it must be some kind of joke!

She investigated its publication in the IEEXplore journal and discovered it was indeed promising. She then played a sample of two people coughing. …


Sons and daughters can benefit enormously in the long term

Smart working may or may not make life easier for Moms. Photo by Standsome Worklifestyle on Unsplash

I know I am biased because my mother was a working Mom. But I believe the skills we had to learn were invaluable as we grew up and later on in adulthood. Is there any evidence for this?

I was very happy to read the Harvard study which confirmed my bias! This research examined no less than 100,000 children who had working moms in 29 countries.

Basically, the study shows that having a working mom helped the daughters to be more successful in the workplace and they had more supervisory roles. …


Politicians and experts are talking too much

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I have reached breaking point. Every time I turn on the TV, there is a talk show and they are talking about you know what. That virus thing. I will not even mention it! There will be variations on what virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists, and politicians think now. As opposed to yesterday.

How many talk shows? Here in Italy, where I live there are 7 a day while in Germany they only have about 6 every week! In addition, every news bulletin gives extensive and exhausting coverage of the topic as well.

Why not have one and only one bulletin about…


The war with COVID-19 on the racing track

And they’re off! Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

Here we are in one of the coldest places on the planet to watch the Special COVID-19 Vaccine Winter Olympics in January 2021. I am your host Robbie Jab for to-day. Yes, we are ahead of you because we have used our time machine.

We are particularly excited for the 800m race because this will establish the winner who can rescue the world in record time! The vaccines that won in Round 1 and the semi-final are ready now for the final.

Who will win the gold medal and how successful will they be in keeping their title? …


Placebo or nocebo effects are nothing when you see what is really going on

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We all know about the placebo effect. Once we get the prescription, we are ready. It does not matter if it is the real drug or just an inert substance. Just take it and we will enjoy great health.

I love the placebo effect. Makes you want to give up all your meds. Go on, you will be fine.

We all know about the power of having an injection which is supposed to fix the backache. Whether it is a steroid or a fake substance, we will feel immediately better. …

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