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Robert W. Locke
4 min readSep 14, 2020

Have you seen those crazy videos? The ones that decode people’s body language while they are being interviewed. The experts call it the science of body language.

Yes, of course, we all express fear, anger, and laughter by using facial expressions and other body movements. But these experts have gone way further and tied the body language to what we actually say and how we say it. This is supposed to reveal what we are really saying!

Welcome to the world of non-verbal communication where a mere tic or blink of an eye, movement of the head may condemn you for the rest of your life. This is the mysterious world of body language. Yes, mysterious it is and it is likely to stay that way forever. It is true though that 75% of communication relies on non-verbal signals.

The most popular victims so far are:-

Welcome to the trial.

They pull them apart but they never say they have actually lied. You are the jury and you can decide whether they should be hanged at dawn or locked up.

Here are some typical comments from the experts

There’s something going on here

Higher blink rate reveals more stress

That shaking of the head means it’s a denial. The body doesn’t lie.

If she changes the tilt of her head from left to right, that becomes a red flag for me.

Eyelash flutter and her rate increases

If the blink rate goes up, that is typically a stress indicator

Blink rate decreases during the lie but goes up after

She’s narrating the story with her body language

Also I saw higher honesty but higher stress

Large inhale before starting to talk, could be something, could be nothing

These experts are descending into hellish detail. The worst thing is that I have started watching the commentator’s (experts) own body language. They are all using the same gestures and…

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