Do You Think Rome Is A Safe City?

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The Trevi Fountain in Rome Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

I lived for 25 years in Rome. I had only one attempted break-in at home — they tried to force the front door, it may have been gypsies. I had some money stolen from me only once in all that time, on the Campidoglio steps. So, very safe, all round.

When I went to Lisbon, I had some money stolen because I was not cautious enough. So, just take the usual precautions, as you would in any large city. But overall, I would say that Rome is one of the safest cities to be in. The figures bear this out too.

Look at robbery rates in the USA. The biggest offender? Washington, D.C., whose 724 robberies per 100,000 people make it almost ten times more dangerous than Italy.

In general, Rome is safer than many other European capitals. I found that the biggest threat to my safety was the traffic and also the rather uneven pavements — you just have to take extra care in crossing the street. Respecting pedestrian crossings seems to be an optional! Scooters can be scary.

This is what Trip Advisor says:-

You can read all the crime stats for Italy compared to the USA here at Nation Master.

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