Breaking The Grass Ceiling — Try This Cannabis Quiz!

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You know it is news when you read that Martha Stewart is developing a whole new line of cannabis-based products for pets and human beings.

She is particularly interested in a product line of cannabis chews for distressed and anxious pets!

How much do you know about cannabis? Try this cannabis (canndy!)quiz.

We will start with easy questions and then move on to more challenging stuff.

Ready? Answers are below the post but don’t scroll down to cheat!

a. Common Bile Duct

b. Central Business District

c. Cannabidiol

a. 11

b. 26

c. 73

a. 1999

b. 2001

c. 2011

a. Uruguay

b. Canada

c. Germany

a. $52 billion

b. $115 billion

c. $211 billion

a. 1

b. 5

c. 7

a. Only anecdotal evidence

b. Reliable clinical trials

c. Limited info from clinical trials

a. It does not believe in its medical properties

b. It cannot patent cannabis or CBD

a. Germany

b. Canada

c. USA

a. 11%

b. 44%

c. 53%

Here are the correct answers and some info to get you really up to speed about cannabis.

It will impress your friends!

1. C (Cannabidiol) is correct. Cannabidiol accounts for 40% of the cannabis plant and was discovered in 1940. It comes from the hemp or marijuana plant. There is some confusion as regards its legality as there are different restrictions in each of the 50 USA states.

2. C (73) is correct. Yes, Martha Stewart has 73 pets or animals if you count them all up in the article here!

3. B (2001) is correct. 2001 was the year (with Ottawa proposing it) when cannabis for medical use was legalized in Canada. Some diseases such as AIDS, epilepsy, and cancer could be treated under certain circumstances.

4. A (Uruguay) is correct. Surprisingly, Uruguay was ahead of the pack and legalized it in 2013 while Canada followed five years later in 2018.

5. B ($115 billion) is correct. The actual figure which has been quoted is a whopping $115.7 billion to be exact.

6. A (1)is correct. Yes, the FDA has approved just ONE drug for the treatment of a rare form of epilepsy in kids.

7. C (Limited info from clinical trials) is correct. This is why it is so controversial at the moment because not enough clinical trials following strict procedures have been done. We have limited clinical trials or just anecdotal evidence which is a shaky foundation.

But look at homeopathy!

Lots of snake oil products around, especially online. This study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that 70% of these products sold online had the incorrect dosages.

The FDA points out that CBD is sold as a supplement and as such, it cannot be regulated and there may even be some elements in it which have, as yet, unknown side effects. You can read the Harvard Review here which is very sensible.

8. B (It cannot patent CBD) is correct. It cannot patent a natural substance such as a plant. In addition, Big Pharma is losing millions of dollars in a dramatic fall (as much as 25%) in prescriptions for opioid painkillers in states where marijuana is legalized.

9. A (Germany) is correct. Germany in 2017 passed one of the most progressive legislation on cannabis in the world and the market, as a result, has exploded there. In 2017, the numbers of marijuana patients grew from 1,000 to 13,000 in just twelve months! This is also because their healthcare system is one of the best in the world.

10. B (44%) is correct. A very large number considering it is not yet fully legal. You can read about the forthcoming referendum here.

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” — Carl Sagan.

Medical judgment on CBD for treatment of mental health disorders is definitely very cautious. There is simply not enough evidence yet to show that it may help with depression and anxiety according to The Lancet.

“I believe that marijuana, also known as cannabis, should be recognized for what it is — an effective herb, grown from soil and seed, nurtured by sun and rain.”
- Edward Crook

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