Is Digital Surveillance The Solution? — Let’s Be Smarter The Next Time

Robert W. Locke
6 min readApr 4, 2020


Will we have learned any lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic?

How do you stop a pandemic? First, let’s look at how we have failed big time with the present coronavirus. Then I want to look at some of the pros and cons of digital surveillance which could be used before or during the next epidemic. We can use this to save our health and our planet.

Buffoons taking us for a dangerous ride.

When you watch Donald Trump and Boris Johnson on TV you are risking your life and health. The blustering and bragging carried out by these two are unbelievable, yet people are still listening to them!

They have made gross claims such as the Trump fairy tale claim that the virus would disappear in April.

Even when Johnson gets the virus himself, the British public still thinks this man has something useful to say. He, his Minister for Health and his chief advisor caught the virus because they could not practice what they preached. This was social distancing for the elite. Trump and Johnson are backtracking so much, they are likely to fall over!

Yes, they are now quoting experts and taking some advice but it is all piecemeal and must fit in with their political narrative which is to get votes or seek praise. Praise and approval when people are dying. I wish this was a joke. It is not!

We had the grotesque show by Trump on March 30 when he tossed the figure of 100,000 deaths into the arena. As if it were a game of Monopoly. Choose a number. That would be a good result.

When all this is over, governments worldwide will have to make choices to help ensure that the next virus pandemic will be less disastrous than this one. Maybe they will heed medical experts and act more quickly.

We have seen the authoritarian regime at work in China where lockdown actually worked and there seemed to have been few transgressions.

In Italy, where I live, the police caught and fined 110,000 people who were flaunting the…



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